General Pricing and Options 

How to place a custom call order!

1. Send us an email at with which call model, materials and options you would like used for the call. (Some customers may feel overwhelmed with all the options and materials so if you have a theme in mind we would be glad to help you select the perfect materials to achieve the look you want.) 

2. We will follow up with you with a total price for the call build. Once approved will add you to our list. 

3. When your name comes up on our list we will follow up with you to make sure you are ready to have this call built, We may take a $25 material deposit at this time if we have to order materials for your build. 

4. Once the call is made we will email you a final pictures and an link for final payment. (No engraving will take place until the call is paid in full)

Natural wood calls: $100 Duck & $125 Goose

In-stock natural woods Cocobola, Bocote, Hedge, & African Black Wood oil finish. Contact for exact pricing 

Stabilized wood calls: $125 - $150 Duck & $150 - $175 Goose

In-stock stabilized figured woods, splated woods, and burls. Price depends on the materiel used contact for exact pricing.

Cast Acrylic calls: $115 Duck & $125 Goose * Pearls add $10.00

In-Stock colors only, we no longer offer transparent acrylic colors. Polished or matte finish.

Acrylic Acetate calls: $120 Duck & $130 Goose

We use Bear Tooth Woods as a supplier and keep several options on hand but we would be glad to purchase a blank for you or you can source your own from Bear Tooth online store.

Micarta: $125 Duck & $135 Goose

Available in brown or black canvas. From time to time we have other colors on hand or can source it.

Juma : $125 Duck & $135 Goose

We keep several Juma options on hand, Please contact us for our current inventory. We can also source an color you are looking for if we do not have it on hand. Some delay may take place as we work with the only distributor in the US and we are at there mercy. 

Additional Options 

Sleeved Insert: add $20
If you are looking for a duck insert to match the barrel and we are working with a materiel that does not make a good tone board options we will use an better material for the tone board portion of the call such as black wood, delrin or cast acrylic.
End Caps, Tips and None Metal Bands: add $10 to $20
Acylic, Micarta or Wood.

Inlay rings: add $10

Brass, Aluminum, Copper, Black or White

Crush stone or Cremated remains Inlay: add $20

We can use many materials such as Turquoise, Jet Black, Mother of Pearl, Blue Opal, Gold leaf or Animal Cremated remains to create an inlay or deep filled laser engraving.

High Gloss CA finish: add $10

An oil or wax finish is strongly recommend for hunting calls, but we can apply a CA Glue finish but just keep in mind the call will not look as good after some use in the field. 

Laser engraving: add $10 - $15 

we have our own laser engraver in house and can accomplish anything you desire. please keep in mind if you want a TM logo you will need to provide written permission before we apply a logo to a call. Calls must be paid in full before we do any laser engraving. 

USPS Priority Mail flat rate shipping: $9.00 (up to 3 calls)

shipping rate if for all us addresses. Non-US customers will be shipped first calls and I will need to figure out a shipping quote.

Idaho Sales Tax

Residents of Idaho will expect to pay 6% sales tax.