• "Barred Up Speck" aka The B.U.S. - Killz`em Series


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    R&D in 2017 and put in Production in 2018 this Speck call has been getting heavily used in the Pacific Flyway in late season hunts. 

    Get your Ticket for this BUS ride as it will be the demise of thousands of white fronted geese from coast to coast, we will let our sound file do the talking "Listen Below" 

    Killz’em Series Calls: It’s All in the Name. We desired a call that was affordable for our customers but we would not settle for less quality than what was already expected from our custom work. After countless hours and investment we now offer a truly semi-custom hand poured molded call. All of these calls are molded from Jacob’s personal calls that he used in the field day in and day out. The Killz’em Series Calls are more durable than any cast acrylic call on the market and have a unique tone that nothing else will compare, this series of calls went thru the paces in testing before we went public with them and have now become the FWCC crews daily drivers when calling in the field or on the stage. You will not be disappointed with the affordability, the durability, the quality, and most of all their capability.