Patrick A - Staff Set

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We call these our Bread-N-Butter because they are our flag ship models and if you had to pick two calls from us these would be the two to have on any lanyard. We are offering our Frost Point and GooseNado in a Polished Ivory Barrel with Black engraving fill and Black Acetal Inserts. Each call pairs will have matching numbers on the insert.

Frost Point – This little baby is our bread and butter in the FWCC stable. When being developed we went back to our roots and made the barrel the length of our original 2 5/8 call. Don’t let this little calls stature fool ya’, as it has a great top end bark and bite. Due to the all-new gen 3 tone board, it has lots of built in nasally whine and will get downright nasty when called on. Perfect all around Mid-Range call for beginners to the most seasoned salty waterfowler. 

GooseNado Short Reed  – This call is our OG Short Reed Goose Call. Utilizing our 3in Glados Style barrel and shorter more bored out hand piece we found a combo that will let any waterfowler have those honkers coming down on you like a Tornado. This call is very responsive and transitions between single to double clucks effortlessly with speed and blusters a wicked high volume power honks need to get the birds attention and will get right down to business with superb murmurs and moans that you will make you think geese might have already landed in your spread. Perfect call for the Pit and Stage and is the FWCC Crews go to short reed.