"Frost Point" Duck Call Turn`em Signature Series

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Turn'em Signature Series Calls (handmade custom): This is how we got started, truly hand turned custom calls from our shop by Jacob Hyer. These calls are works of Art but don’t let that fool you they can and should be hunted. We use all kinds of different materials such as stabilized burl woods, micarta, acrylic, solid surface materials, horn and antler. We continuously seek exotic and highly figured woods from all over the world and work with some of the best suppliers and stabilizers to get the highest quality products to create truly one off custom waterfowl calls. Most of this work is done by custom orders but from time to time we will try to keep some of these master pieces on hand and available to purchase from our store. If you have a unique request or something in mind please do not hesitate to reach out so we can build you your next favorite call. 

Frost Point – This little baby is our bread and butter in the FWCC stable. When being developed we went back to our roots and made the barrel the length of our original 2 5/8 call. Don’t let this little calls stature fool ya’, as it has a great top end bark and bite. Due to the all-new gen 3 tone board, it has lots of built in nasally whine and will get downright nasty when called on. Perfect all around Mid-Range call for beginners to the most seasoned salty waterfowler.