• "Supercell" Short Reed - Killz'em Series

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    After two years of R&D, FWCC is bringing the new "Supercell" short reed to the market. After the 2018-2019 season of testing we made some tweaks to the call and got the thumbs up from several guides and junkie honker hunters that tested this call across the US and Canada; so we green lit this design. The Supercell features a stepped back bore in the barrel vs our large cavity little brother the GooseNado. This internal boring gives the call more built in back pressure for better control and a deeper and richer "BIG" honker tone. We are pairing it with our familiar round nose clucker guts and tuning them with the thick end of the reed for the big sky panda tone, but you can always flip that reed around and test out the tone of the narrow end to see how she runs for ya!

    Killz’em Series Calls: It’s All in the Name. We desired a call that was affordable for our customers but we would not settle for less quality than what was already expected from our custom work. After countless hours and investment we now offer a truly semi-custom hand poured molded call. All of these calls are molded from Jacob’s personal calls that he used in the field day in and day out. The Killz’em Series Calls are more durable than any cast acrylic call on the market and have a unique tone that nothing else will compare, this series of calls went thru the paces in testing before we went public with them and have now become the FWCC crews daily drivers when calling in the field or on the stage. You will not be disappointed with the affordability, the durability, the quality, and most of all their capability.